Discover your Ancestors Workshop

Finally find the records and stories you want for your family tree.

Are you a genealogist feeling lost in the maze of records online? You are not alone!

You can find your ancestors in Pennsylvania and document their stories in this live & online, 3 week cohort-based workshop.

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👉 Do you struggle to keep your genealogy organized?

👉 Have you attended dozens of webinars hoping to learn something to help you in your research?

👉 Have you been searching for years, yet are still stuck?

👉 Do you want to finish your genealogy research so you can share it with family in an exciting way?

👉 Do you feel alone and would love a community?

👉 Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information online and just want straight answers?

If you answer 'yes' to any of these...
Then this workshop was made for you.

Here's what Workshop participants are saying:

How the Workshop Works

The workshop is held over three weeks and you actively work on one ancestor's family. Six live sessions on Zoom provide transformational knowledge and methods. Everything for the workshop is in a private genealogy community. You also get pre-work and post-work between sessions, so you make every discovery possible of your ancestors.

Part 1 - Assess

Get ready to make discoveries! Check off the records you have and organize them in minutes. See where you have gaps and enjoy new ways to analyze your research.

Part 2 - Strategize

Learn exactly what records exist and where to find them. Develop your custom research plan to navigate quickly and thoroughly. Find unique records and hidden gems for your family tree.

Part 3 - Collaborate

Join a community of other genealogists actively working on their family trees. Get feedback on your research plans and share your latest finds with people who care. Connect and make new genealogy friends.

Part 4 - Share

Capture what you have discovered and write the story to share with family and friends. Use the latest in AI technology to go from blank page to first draft in minutes, rather than hours.

Stop searching around the internet.
Finally make progress in your genealogy in 2024.

The Truth About Genealogy

"Everything is Just a Few Clicks Away"
Not all records are digitized and some of the most valuable records for your research are in local archives or not easy to search online.

"Expertise is Required"
Genealogy is for everyone. No degrees or credentials are required to do good research. You are the expert in your family history.

"DNA Should Solve Everything"
DNA can help confirm your genealogy, but you still need historical documents. Learn how to use DNA to further your research and connect to new record sources.

Meet Your Workshop Facilitator

Denyse Allen is a published author and podcaster who specializes in Pennsylvania genealogy. With her 8 generations of Pennsylvania ancestors, she can help you find yours. Her weekly newsletter PA Ancestors Discoveries is enjoyed by over 700 genealogists and her webinars are consistently given 5 Stars. She believes you are the expert in your family history and will help you reach your goals in 2024.

Everything Included in the Discover your Ancestors Workshop

⭐️ 6 live workshop sessions on Zoom with like-minded genealogists ($1200 value)

⭐️ Access to all the online PA Ancestors Members content ($140 value)

⭐️ Prompt templates and frameworks to master ChatGPT ($40 value)

⭐️ Pennsylvania Vital Records Research ebook ($10 value)

⭐️ Archives of Pennsylvania ebook ($10 value)

⭐️ Research Methods videos ($300 value)

⭐️ Research Guide template ($80 value)

⭐️ Research Focus template ($10 value)

⭐️ Ancestor Profile template ($10 value)

⭐️ Research plan templates ($15 value)

⭐️ Research log templates ($15 value)

⭐️ Pretzel Framework ($60 value)

⭐️ Annual PA Ancestors Membership ($80 value)

⭐️ Access to a private community of genealogists on Circle (priceless)

Over $1,980 if purchased separately

Everything is included in the price of the workshop.
This workshop focuses on Pennsylvania research, but you can use the techniques to research in any location or time period.

Are you ready to transform your genealogy research and connect with your Pennsylvania ancestors like never before?

Feel proud of your family tree

Enroll in the Discover your Ancestors Workshop and finally have a detailed research plan, new historical records on your ancestors, and shareable stories for your family tree.

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Need a different way to complete your family history?
Here are other ways to get help:

Research on Your Own

• Access to PA Members content
• Monthly members newsletter
• Monthly members Office Hours Q&A on Zoom
• Exclusive private community on Circle

✅ $120 per year.
Join anytime.

Research with Community

• Research Guides and Research Templates
• Get started with AI for research and writing
• 6 live workshop sessions on Zoom
• Collaborative community for support
• 1 year of PA Ancestors Membership

✅ $TBD for Workshop + Membership.

Research Done for You

• Focus on breaking down your brick wall or building out ancestors' history
• Denyse will source unique archival records for your ancestor
• Professional report with images and sources

✅ Pricing customized for your project.


⁇ If this doesn't work for me, can I get a refund?

We want your workshop investment to be 100% risk free.So, if you complete all the workshop sessions and turn in the assignments with 14 days of the end of the course and find it provided no benefit to your research, we will refund 100% of your investment.And if you find after enrolling that your schedule is busier than you thought, we will transfer you into a future workshop and for no additional cost.However, part of what makes the workshop effective is the financial accountability. If you do not engage with the workshop or fail to do the assignments, no refund is available.

⁇ What if I can't make the live sessions?

Recordings will be available within 24 hours after each session in Circle. Watching the recording before the end of the course counts as attending the live session. You can watch the recordings as many times as you like.

⁇ What is the community on Circle?

Circle is a website for private communities. It does not link to social media and provides a way for people to have focused online discussions and connect in fun ways. It is easier to use than Facebook and most people love it.

⁇ How long will I have access to the workshop materials and community?

People who enroll in the workshop in 2023 through June 2024 will have access to the community and workshop materials for life. You do not have to worry about things that you need disappearing off the internet.

⁇ What if I have more questions?

Email your questions directly to PA Ancestors here

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